Morphe brushes Review

I bought these brushes a while ago and thought I would use them properly for a while … wash them .. use them .. etc and then give my full review on them so here it is.

These brushes retail for £18.25 from Beautybay the price is so cheap for 6 burhses! I absolutely love these brushes, I usually go for the Real Techniques brushes and I’ve wanted to try the Morphe brushes for a while now I thought this set would be a good way to try them out without spending too much. I love ordering from Beautybay the delivery is always quick and I can get quite impatient! So these brushes came and I opened them straight away and they look amazing! I love the colour of these brushes! They look so smart and they feel so so soft I love them!


I will be starting with the face brushes and my absolute favourite brush has to be the buffing brush! I used to use the real techniques buffing brush but I always found that the brush surface was small and took a while to apply my foundation, this brush is slightly bigger and works so well, also the brushes are all dense and don’t ‘eat up’ the makeup.


My second favourite is the angled buffingbrush. This brush is brilliant, it’s angled and the top of the brush has a diamond shape, I use this to blend in my cream contour and it’s great for getting into small places like my under eye and the angled brushes make it so easy to buff it all in!

The nex brush is amazing ! The shape of this brush is perfect to contour with I also love this brush! (I love them all to be honest) the tip of this brush makes it so easy to contour, it gives a precise line under the cheek bones.


The next three brushes are eye brushes and they are all mini versions of the face brushes which I found so cute!


My favourite eye brush is the angled brush, I don’t actually use it in my eyes I use it to contour my nose as the shape and size is perfect for that.


The next eye brush is the small buffing brush, this brush is so fluffy and perfect for using in the crease line to cancel any sharp lines, it blends beautifully.


The last eye brush I have only used once or twice I think as I don’t really do much eye makeup, however it’s great for adding shade to the outer corner of the eye to create a smokey or cat eye look.


Overall these brushes are amazing!! I love them! They look and feel great! Even after being washed they are still as good as new! The brushes haven’t fallen out and the quality and softness is still the same as day 1 !!

Rate this product: 10/10

Would I purchase these again?: I am currently looking at more morphe brushes as these have really won me over!

Would I recommend these brushes?: Yes! Definitely especially for a beginner, or someone who just want a some new brushes.

Thanks for reading my review? Has anyone else got these or any other morphe brushes ? Any you would recommend to add to my collection 🙂


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