Brushes for beginners!

I find that when I first started buying makeup brushes I knew tht there is a blusher brush, foundation brush, eyebrow brush …. eye shadow brushes … however, when going out to actually buy brushes I was so confused as there are different shapes and sizes and I just didn’t know where to start so I picked up the real techniques core collection ( I already had the blusher brush) and thought his was going to have the main brushes in it. Those not familiar with the real techniques core collection it looks like this …


And contains a buffing brush, contour brush, detail brush and a flat foundation brush.

I found that these brushes were not actually all that I wanted, I love the contour brush and the buffing brush, however I have never likes the idea of a flat foundation brush, for some reason it just doesn’t feel like its blending my foundation well so I hardly ever use this brush unless i’m cleaning up my eye makeup with some concealer.

After doing some more research into buying brushes here are the brushes I use and how I use them.


The Morphe buffing brush, I use this to buff in my foundation, its amazing and very very soft, I have a review of these brushes HERE.

To set my under eyes I like using two of either the real techniques setting brush or the contour brush as they have a similar shape except the setting brush is slightly smaller and the brushes are more dense.


To contour I have been using the angled Real Techniques sculpting brush, this brush is great for contouring as the brushes are angled and the brush itself is a flat shape making it easier to hold when buffing in cream contour on the cheeks and forehead area.


My next brush (one of my favourites) is the angled buffing brush from the morphe brushes set, this is really good for buffing in cream highlighters, or would be great for contouring too.


I use the Real techniques blusher brush to apply my blush, now I have owned many blusher brushes and this is by far my absolute favourite! the brush shape is unique, not like any other blusher brush I have used and although its an ‘egg like’ shape and looks like the brushes are dense this brush is so fluffy and feels airy.. it applies the blusher on so softly!


I have only ever owned one fan brush and that was from Superdrug, however I prefer this one as the brushes are slightly more dense and make the brush feel more full as my other one felt like it wasn’t holding any product.



These are the few eye brushes I really like using, starting with the No7 eye contour brush, this came free in a little gift box when I purchased the No7 Stay Perfect foundation from Boots, this is perfect to blend in the crease, and the angled brush makes it easy to do a simple eye look without getting product all over the place.


The next eye brush I like using is from the Morphe brushes set, it is a pointed which makes it easy to get a winged or cat eye look.


To buff in or blend my eye shadow I like using the Real Techniques crease brush. Its so fluffy and blends the colours beautifully.


I wanted to add the Tweezerman eyebrow brush into the eye brushes as I really love this brush, its angled which makes it useful for eyebrows and its soft which helps cancel harsh lines in the brows.


Normally I don’t use the eye shadow brushes that come with eye shadow palettes, however I like using the Naked 3 brush to pack shades onto my eyelids, the size is perfect for covering the eye are and blending.


Lastly the Accent brush from Real Techniques is good for putting eye shadow under my lower lashes, and highlighting the inner corner of my eye.

So these are the brushes I am currently using, I hope this post is useful for anyone whose looking for a good brush! Ive always loved Real Techniques as you can see! But if anyone knows any other good brushes please do share!

Thanks for reading my post!


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