Nars Luminous All day Foundation review

So I have been wanting this foundation for a verrryy long time and easy finally able to purchase it from Selfridges in the shade Santa Fe, and I have used it well enough to give my opinion on this product. Here is a swatch of it.


The packaging is the first thing I am going to be talking about, the bottle itself is made of frosted glass and looks classy which is a bonus, it makes the product look great!
I did read reviews of this product before I purchased it and watched some YouTube tutorials so I was aware that the product is pretty watery. Once receiving it and shaking the bottle myself my first thought was “what the hell have I ordered” I thought something was wrong with my actual product, so I shook it to mix the product up and pumped it onto the back of my hand and it was as if I have placed water to the back of my hand it just leaked right off my hand which took me by suprise, I remember thinking what the hell is going on, this product is a high end one and is pretty expensive so I was not inpressed at all at this moment. I continued using the product, I have used this several times with different tools, I first used my fingers, the next time I used my real techniques sponge and I have also used it with my morphe blending brush.
I moisturised my skin really well before using this product as I have heard it sticks to dry patches on the skin. Using 2 pumps and a small third pump I covered my entire face so a little does go along way, at first it looked really glowy and almost as if I’ve slapped a ton on however after a while it did settle in to my skin and the colour was perfect.
The foundation is very light weight and the coverage I would say is medium as I could still see some marks on my face, but that wasn’t a problem a little concealer fixed it right away.
Through the day I did find that my skin was feeling oily around my nose and my forehead which I usually never experience with any other foundation which was pretty annoying as I had to keep touching up on my face, also I had a few people asking if I had wore a different foundation as they could tell and usually it didn’t look like I’m wearing alot ? Which I found annoying becuase I like going for a natural look and so far this foundation was giving me all sorts of negatives. 6 or 7 hours of wearing this product and it did stick to some dry patches although I made sure I moisturised properly, maybe I just didn’t moisturise enough?


So over all I have mix emotions about this foundation I really did want to love it however I think it’s not something I will be using alot ? I feel maybe other products could have been the reason as to why it was the way it was, I used the nivea post shaving balm to prime and my nyx palette to colour correct (Which I also find made my skin feel oily?). The foundation does make your skin have a luminous glow which is nice also I am yet to try it with a moisturiser, I’m thinking of mixing the two ?

Rate the product: 6/10

Would I buy this product again: No

Would I recommend this product: I would but I would say that it’s definitely not for people with dry skin and if you are going to purchase it try a sample first as it is quite expensive.

Has anyone else used this product ? Any tips or tricks to make this work for me?

Nars All Day Luminous Foundation Can be purchased HERE

Thanks for reading my review!!!


8 thoughts on “Nars Luminous All day Foundation review

  1. So shocked u didn’t like it! But tbf I have quite oily combo skin… Could be the difference..
    It works well with a dense buffing brush, I use the silk finish brush by Zoeva and its flawless! I also do all skin care before hand and use moisturiser, then my Mac primer (the yellow one, I can’t remember the name!) followed by the t zone refined treatment primer obviously on my tzone and other areas that can get oily, leave all to sink into my skin while I do my brows quick and by the time I apply this it looks amazing!
    So gutted to hear it didn’t agree with u, I love it!! Xxx

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    1. Lol My opinion has changed I am yet to update this blog, I played about with different moisturisers and primers and I found a way to make it work and I wear it almost all the time now lol. I find with alot of products you have to swop and change things around in your makeup routine to make things work for you

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      1. Ah I’m so glad u are loving it now lol only thing I don’t like is when u take it off how much of a difference u can see lol
        Like if I take my makeup off one side of my face my face that still has foundation on looks kinda dirty where it’s so full of foundation if u get what I mean?
        It’s a lovely foundation but I try switch up using it to my true match as to not use it up to quick coz it’s not the cheapest is it lol xxx

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