3 easy steps to make your eyes look bigger!

If your going for a simple or dramatic look, I have a few tips to help make your eyes appear bigger.


  1. First one is the most easiest even if your having a no makeup day, using a white or nude eyeliner to line your water line. This instantly makes your eye look bigger without using too many products, my favourite eyeliner for my waterline is from Cargo I purchased it just to try it out from BeautyBay and I love it!



2. To give your eyes that extra lifted look use a concealer or highlighter (not a shimmery one) under your eye and blended upwards towards the temples, this gives the whole eye area a lift making your eyes appear bigger! Currently I’m loving my Nars Radiant concealer to do this along with my Artist of Makeup highlighting stick.



3. Top liner! This can make a dramatic difference in the shape of your eye, you could do a thin line, this will make your eye look bigger, however the thicker the line the bigger your we will appear and not forgetting a wing! Winged liner will make your whole eye lok bigger and bolder! I use my Artist of makeup extreme art liner pen to achieve this look, it’s the best! Easy control of how thick you want the liner to be.



Thanks for reading my post!!!


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