Colour correcting; NYX vs L.A girl

I’ve been playing with colour corrector lately, finding shades that will correct my under eyes, redness and some discoloration around my face. I’ve tried out the L.A girl correcting concealers and I recently purchased the NYX colour correcting palette. I have mix opinions about both products. So I thought I will do a comparison of both corrector on either side of my face, however I only have two shades of the L a girl color corrector so I will be using only them two colours from my NYX palette.

The NYX palette contains 6 different colour corrector and the pigmentation is good but I think it would work best for people with light akin or someone whose face doesn’t need correcting as much as someone who may have problems such as acne, really dark or light discoloration or very dark under eyes. I purchased my palette from Selfridges for £10, which is very cheap as you get 6 shades!


So excuse the no makeup but this is me with after I’ve moisturized and primed using the Maybelline baby skin to prime and the Spackle eye cream under my eyes.

To compare the two correctors I applied the green and orange L.A girl correctors on the right side and the peach and green shade from the nyx palette on the left side, I usually use the orange tones to correct my under eyes and the green to cancel any redness.


I applied both products using my fingers as this will warm up the product and help with the blending and once I felt it was on properly I blended it in using my real techniques miracle sponge.

The peach colour in the nyx palette really covered up the dark circles under my eyes and brightened the area up, I also found that the green shade in the nyx palette was quite pigmented and covered up the redness well. The orange from LA girl has left my eye are looking slightly darker than before however it has covered up the dark circles under my eyes and the green shade did cover up the redness.

The result after applying the rest of my makeup…


As you can see the LA Girl corrector has worked better than the nyx palette!

Blending; I find that the nyx colour corrector is easier to blend then the LA Girl one, I think it’s due to the pigmentation of the product, as you can see the LA girl one has more of an orange tone and the colour is alot more darker than the nyx one.

Coverage; I feel that the LA girl colour corrector has much more coverage a small amount goes a long way it’s almost like paint! The nyx one is build able however to achieve the same coverage as the LA girl one you will have to use more of the nyx one which begins to crease under the eye I found that after I had applied it and went on to other products I had to keep going back with my sponge and blending out the creases under the eye where I used the nyx corrector.

The LA girl colour corrector has more of a matte finish when it’s dry where as the nyx one is more oily. And doesn’t stay in place as well as the LA girl corrector.

Overall I think I will be sticking to the LA girl corrector for now however I feel that I will be using the NYX one for correcting other areas as it does contain other shades like the purple.

Thanks for reading my post! Hope this is beneficial to you guys, also I would love to know what your thoughts are on colour correcting?



7 thoughts on “Colour correcting; NYX vs L.A girl

  1. Great review! I heard that with color correcting the undereye area, going in with a shade slightly darker than your skin tone is better than lighter – maybe that’s part of why the LA Girl one worked better on you?

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