April Favourites !!!

April has gone so fast I cannot believe we’re already in May feels like we just left January..!

So I’m doing another Favourites post and this month I have discovered some ULTIMATE favourites!! Like I feel like I will not use anything else!!!…



I’m going to start off with my most favourite products this month and they are the Artist Of Makeup Contour & Highlight sticks!! These are AMAZING !! I absolutely love love love these, they are so easy to blend and they look great and the colours are perfect! I have a review of these products HERE



The next product is not a new one on the market however it is new to me and I have fallen in love with it!! The Nars Radiant creamy concealer. I love how easy it is to blend and how well the coverage is also the colour match is PERFECT!!!


I recieved the smash box duo blusher in this months Look Incredible Beauty box and I’ve been reaching out for it alot this month the colours are good for a everyday look and they’re perfect for spring!!


Next is the NYX lingerie lipstick in the shade EXOTIC, I only own 2 shades from this range but this one is my FAVOURITE from the two but in whole the new NYX range is amazing I’ve always liked their lip products. The stay on these are amazing! I have a review and swatch of this HERE



Next is a Favourite Beauty trick! So I’ve been on the look out for a face powder to “bake” with and as I don’t own any loose powders I thought I would purchase one, I have ordered the Laura mercier translucent powder as I heard so many good things about it, however while looking for a good powder I came across people using baby powder!! Yes Baby powder to bake with ! So I had to give it a try as I get intrigued by all these wacky ideas! So I used Johnsons baby powder which must of cost me £1 or £2 and it was so good!! It didn’t dry my skin or cling to dry patches! Anyway more on that in a different blog. So yes this has been something I have been trying this month!


Lastly for this month is the Mens post shave balm!! This is such a great primer! It’s also perfect for under eyes which I love as normally I have to use an eye cream under my eye but with this product i just apply it all over the face and it works!!

That’s all my favourites for this month! What are your favourites? Anyone used any of these products? What are your opinions on them???

Thanks for reading my post ! X



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