My Top 5 Youtubers!!!

Most of what I know about makeup and beauty products is all down to the makeup gurus on youtube!! I love watching and learning about how to create new looks and use new or even old products in different ways and youtube is the place I go to for all reviews of anything before I purchase it! I am following a load of Youtubers however there are a few that are my absolute favourite and I thought I would share them with you!


I remember the first time I ever started using youtube to learn how to do a smokey eye, this was about 4 years ago maybe ? Give or take a year and I was looking for anyone who has similar skin tone to mine so I could see how they use different colours as I don’t have light skin and I found it annoying how some shades just did not show as good as others and I thought someone out there must know how to do it right! So I came across a Youtuber called Zukreat and I remember she had done a simple smokey eye which was brilliant and so easy to follow and as I found that her skin shade is similar to mine I began to follow her and easily fell in love with all her looks and videos and ever since I have followed her she has grown from a Youtuber to the founder and creative director of AOM Cosmetics and she’s such an inspiration to me, she’s such a beautiful person inside and out! Her videos are fantastic and the makeup range she has launched I own the Extreme art liner pen (which is my holy grail eyeliner!) and the Contour and highlight sticks and I LOVE them !!! I’m planning on buying some eyeshadows next! They are more on the expensive side however they are worth every single penny!! Another reason why I absolutely love Zukreat is that she has such an amazing family (ma’sha’ alllah) they’re all so supportive of eachother and all so beautiful and I find her amazing for being able to run a business while juggling family life! She is one of the reasons why I am looking into a career within the makeup and beauty industry. I have been looking forward to seeing her at the IMATS LDN 2016 this year! And it wasn’t till January when I realised the IMATS fall in the same week my baby is due!! So so gutted I won’t be able to make it!


My next favourite Youtuber has to be Rumena Begum, this girl is beautiful and so funny I love watching her youtube videos and her snapchat updates she’s so full of life and always positive about everthing! Her makeup looks are amazing!! Shes always creating new looks that are all so different which makes it more fun to watch! Also she does vlogs which are fun to watch! She’s always giving good tips about makeup and beauty products in general which are always a great addition between the laughs and makeup looks! Also Rumena is so young (well she’s same age as me) which makes me love her even more as this means you can be at any age and still be doing great things! Also another reason why I love her is that she is very family orientated, although she is doing her own thing she’s always talking about her family and the love between them and they’re in her videos sometimes and it’s just so nice to watch it almost feels like they’re my family! They’re all so close and supportive of one another. Love it!


My next favourite has to be Dina Tokio!!! And her husband Sid! I follow both of their channels they are so funny! And their videos are so fun to watch! The main reason I love watching these guys is that they are so honest and real about anything and everything they talk about in their videos. They have a channel called Dina Tokio which is her own channel and then they share a channel called Sid & Dina where they do videos tags. I love Dinas beauty and fashion videos shes always creating looks that are unique, she’s got such a bubbly personality which makes you want to watch her videos and she’s recently had a baby so he has videos related to the whole baby and mum life which I love watching. Their channel they share together is so funny to watch even my husband likes watching them . They do some great videos together relating to real life situations and problems, Q and A’s and general vlogs about them two they’re interesting and fun to watch! Love these guys! Of your not following already then I would recommend you do !!


My next favourite Youtuber who I love watching is Carli Bybel she is Beautiful!! And the makeup looks she creates are amazing !! I love watching her try new looks they’re always so different and her tips and tricks are awesome! Another thing I love about her videos are that they’re not always beauty related she adds in other videos featuring other people in her life such as family or her boyfriend which makes her videos and her viewers come a little closer! She keeps it different aswell she doesn’t do similar videos continously it’s fun to watch her videos and follow her reviews.


My last but not least favourite Youtuber is Nikkie Turorials !! Everyone has heard about , Nikkie and if you haven’t you HAVE to go watch her videos now!! I love this women!! Shes so beautiful and confident I love watching her videos beacuse the looks she creates are so bright and vibrant, she’s always got a new look to do and they’re all so different and alongside her makeup look videos she does reviews and other fun videos to watch like her snapchat filter looks or her tags and hauls I also love watching her Hit and miss videos! She’s so funny and makes watching her videos more fun not forgetting her crazy findings such as the Mens shaving balm as a primer! Takes a creative mind to find such things!

I just realised most my favourites are people who are beauty bloggers / vloggers with family. I guess it’s becuase I could relate to their lifestyles which draws me to watch their videos ? Anyways thanks for reading my post and I would recommend everyone to follow these Youtubers they’re fantastic!!

I am not being paid or anything for this post I genuinely wanted to share my favourite youtubers with you guys !!

Who are your favourite Youtubers!!??


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