Kat Von D Tattoo Liner V AOM Extreme Art Liner Pen

I recently purchased the Kat Von D Calling London set (Full review here) it contained the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in the shade ‘trooper’ and since I purchased the Artist Of Makeup Cosmetics Extreme Art Liner I have never bought another eyeliner as this is my absolute holy grail eyeliner, but seen as I received the tattoo liner I gave it a go, after using both of these I thought I would do a post comparing both of them as I have had many people asking me which one is better, and it would save you purchasing one or the other as they are both expensive compared to high street liners.

The AOM liner looks just like a pen, hence the name ‘extreme art liner PEN‘, its made of metal and looks sleek and high end and has its name written across the pen, the tip is shaped also like a pen it is about half a cm and stands strong (isn’t floppy) so when
applying it goes on exactly how you want it to without flexing or bending. the KVD liner is made of plastic and also looks like a pen, the print is nice, it has the name printed across with stars around it, and ‘Kat Von D’ written on the lid. The tip of the KVD pen is more floppy which makes it hard to get that precise line or flick. As the KVD liner is a miniature this may have effected how I was applying it, it is pretty small and I found it difficult to hold properly also it feels very light where as the AOM is slightly heavier and easy to hold when applying liner, I am NO expert at wearing eyeliner, it is as much of a struggle for me as it is for any other person! I really do NOT get how there Youtubers get it right every time!!? SHARE your secret please!



The AOM liner goes on the blackest black and once it is on you don’t have to go over any areas you have already covered, where as the KVD liner I find I have to go over the line as it doesn’t go on as opaque as the AOM liner, I have tried shaking the pen before use but it still doesn’t work for me. Both of the liners are waterproof, however once wet the KVD liner came off after i rubbed it once, it literally disappeared and the AOM liner took only fully came off once I used a makeup wipe.


I don’t think I will ever purchaser the KVD liner, it costs £16 from Debenhams. The AOM liner can only be purchased from their website Artistofmakeup.com , and it costs £18.95. The AOM liner is £2.95 more than the KVD liner, but the AOM liner comes with a replaceable cartridge, so when the liner finishes, instead of purchasing the whole pen, you just buy a Cartridge for £6.95! that’s less than half the price of the pen, which is one the reasons why I love this liner!

Overall I prefer the Art Liner pen, I was trying not to be biased because the AOM liner is in fact my all-time-favourite-HOLY GRAIL-can’t live-without LINER! ha!! If you haven’t tried this liner I would HIGHLY recommend it! 🙂

I know a lot people LOVE the KVD Tattoo liner, but it was just not working for me!



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