Setting My Primer

Yes I know what your all thinking … setting your primer is a big NO-NO! I was thinking the EXACT same thing when I came across one of Wayne Goss’s youtube videos,  I love this guy, he knows what he’s talking about, always has great tips and advice! Anyway, so I a videos about setting your primer to make your foundation last longer and look more matte!! The only result from that I can think of is CAKE FACE! Ugghh BUT as always curiosity got the better of me and I thought I would five it a go!

Now I don’t own many primers, so for this I used two different primers to see how it goes. The primers included; a hydrating primer (Kat Von D Hydrating face primer), a silicone based primer (Maybelline Baby Skin). To set both primers I used the Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder, and I used the Maybelline Fit Me foundation as I thought this one that I own that wears off nearer to the end of the day! I  also used the Kat Von D Lock It foundation, I used this one because it is supposed to have a matte finish but when I use it along with the hydtrating prierm I don’t get a matte finish because the primer makes the foundation look dewy!


I first used the KVD Hydrating Primer and set it with the Laura Mercier Loose setting poweder, I then applied the KVD Lock It foundation and I definitely noticed how matte it looked, I was so impressed!! I didn’t really bother with trying to get it last longer as I know the KVD Lock It foundation is long lasting! I then tried the KVD Hydrating Primer, set it with the Laura Mercier Loose Powder and applied the Maybelline Fit foundation. This foundation is the dewy one so instead of looking dewy I would say it had a semi matte finish this time and lasted a little longer than it usually does, so yes it does work!


Next I used the Maybelline Bbaby skin Poreless primer, this one I was more worried about as it is silicone based and I thought this would look cakey, and I was right! the powder didn’t sit well with the primer, it was sitting on top of the primer, and then when I applied the foundation it went patchy, the rest of my makeup ended up looking patchy. This happened when I used both the foundations.

A few things to keep note of when setting a primer would be;

  • use a very small amount of powder, I took a small amount, tapped off the excess and applied it all over my face!
  • Make sure it is evenly applied all over the face, so there isn’t more powder in some areas and not in others!
  • Don’t bother using it with a silicone based primer

Overall I really think this will work for me! As I have oily/combination skin this helped keep my foundation looking MATTE also I find that I get oily within a couple of hours after applying my makeup, however after using this tip I didn’t get oily till more nearer to the end of the day! So YES I love it! I will continue using it when I am using a hydrating primer, which is most the time!!

What are your thoughts on this tip?

YAY or Nay??

Try it out, especially if you have skin like mine, would love to hear anyone else’s expeiance trying this?


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