Garnier Pure Active Matte Control Review; Best primer ever!

Before I start I just want to say I have not been well at all for the past week, still haven’t fully recovered and  but I have missed blogging and I’m back!

Whilst doing my usual weekly grocery shop I came across the Garnier Pure Matte Control, a moisturiser that keeps the skin matte and controls oils, so I thought this would be perfect for me! I picked it up for £6.99 from Asda :D, I’m sure you can find this anywhere.

The moisturiser claims to “hydrate skin whilst combating shine, the comforting gel moisturizer harnesses the absorbent powers of Airlicium™, and the corrective, exfoliating properties of salicylic acid; in conjunction they help control sebum and oil production whilst reducing the appearance of blemishes on the skin.”  So pretty promising, right?

So what do I think about the product? Well as a moisturiser the product didn’t FEEL like a moisturiser I think this is because it was gel moisturiser and I  prefer a lotion but this doesn’t it mean it doesn’t moisturise. The product is like a white/clear gel, I only use a pea sized amount and it covers my entire face so I know this is going to last a long time.


So does it live up to its claims? Yes!! I AM LOVING thiis product its so cheap and VERY effective, my entire face goes matte it fills in any pores I have, which reminds me I need to add, my new Face routine has got rid of my PORES! I don’t know if this is due to the weather change but I have noticed a HUGE imporovement! Back to the product, the moisturiser definitely controls oils, my face does not get oily ALL day! For someone who gets oily within an hour or so of wearing makeup this is pretty good!

 One of the things I dislike about this product is the smell! It smells really weird almost like a chemical kind of smell, however this goes away once the product has set, so I can just get on with wearing my makeup. Also as I have oily/combination skin my t zone tends to be dry before I apply any moisturiser, so when I use this it doesn’t give me the moisture I needed, so what I do is mix this with my normal moisturiser or the Kat Von D Lock It primer, together they are the perfect base for my makeup!

What I love most about this product is that it is AMAZING for my under eyes my concealer and colour corrector goes on perfect! Leaving my undereyes fully covered with little to no creasing!! (My under eyes crease alot as I have natural lines under my eyes)! This is brilliant as a primer or even on a no makeup day to make your face matte and fill in any pores.

Rate this product: 9/10

Would I recommend this product: Yes!

Would I repurchase this product?:Yes!

I know the Garnier pure active have other products in their range, has anyone used them? Any recomendations?

Thank you for reading my post!!


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