W7 Camouflage Kit Review

I have heard so many people claim W7 makeup products as dupes for high-end products and I have always wanted to try their products out, so when HashtagBlogger sent me the W7 Camouflage Kit I was more than happy to test the brand out.

The camouflage kit is a small palette containing 5 different shades and comes with an application brush and a mirror! Yes, mirrors are always a bonus! The variety of shades make the palette versatile for majority of light skin tones, there are shades for yellow and pink under tones which I think is great!


I used this product a couple of times and I think its great to cover up blemishes and cover spots or a little redness however, it is not very good at concealing under my eyes I  just felt that I needed a lot of product as it wasn’t so pigmented and that it didn’t set well. Another thing this product is great for an eyeshadow base, or to apply on the eyelids to mute out any discolouration. the brush included in the palette is best when concealing around the brow area, I usually conceal my face with my finger I find it easier to apply and blend.


Overall I think, it is very very cheap for the amount of product and the variety you get, retailing at £3.99 I think it’s brilliant! Although it’s not highly pigmented and there are better concealers out there.


Rate the product: 5/10

Would I recommend this product: If you don’t have really dark under eyes its good.

Would I purchase this: No, Personally I have a fair amount of concealers that are more pigmented which is something I look for when buying a concealer.


Any fans of W7 makeup brand? What are your thoughts on their products.


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